Air Max audacity

The Air Court Motion is a shoe that provides the absolute best in forefoot stability.“ The visually arresting Air Court Motion is essentially a shoe with two independent halves that work together and look different. The inside edge on the medial side is rounded to ease the foot down onto the court when a player lands on the inside of the foot. The sharp angle in most footwear forces the foot onto the sole quickly and harshly. The medial shanks virtually propel the foot to the other direction. On the lateral side, thermoplastic urethane stabilizers minimize the risk of the foot and ankle rolling over, creating that dreaded ankle inversion sprain.

The Air Court Motion has been wear-tested extensively over the past two years by both men and women, and the results are compelling. Many testers were impressed with the lateral support and stability of the shoe. One tester said, „It’s like a Formula One race car – you can literally stop on a dime, there is that much support.““House of Hoops is a hub for all things basketball and a new home for consumers who live and breathe the game,“ said Charlie Denson, President of the Nike Brand. „It’s the ultimate basketball store. House of Hoops offers a stellar line-up of performance and basketball inspired footwear, apparel and equipment from the game’s biggest names, meeting the needs of the every day player.“

As the ultimate consumer experience, House of Hoops flagship stores will feature basketball product available nowhere else in the U.S., including coveted player exclusive footwear. These limited edition personalized performance shoes include the embellishments that All-Star players like Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd and rookie Kevin Durant have on the shoes they lace up on court each night. These styles will be made available for the first time at House of Hoops. Other limited edition styles will also be offered, such as the China-specific colorways created for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. „House of Hoops will be the destination of choice for the basketball players who love the game and want access to the best product for on and off the court,“ said Matthew D. Serra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Foot Locker, Inc.

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