Air Max beige

About one in 100 people over age 60 will be diagnosed with the disease, second only to Alzheimer’s in prevalence. While classified as a movement disorder, the disease also gives rise to other disabling non-movement-related symptoms, such as depression, cognitive impairment and fatique.Michael J. Fox founded the Foundation in 2000 after publicly disclosing that he had been diagnosed with the disease at age 29. His stated goal is to find a cure and close the Foundation’s doors.Air Max 1s have dropped on and instantly sold out. Instagram has been full of some of the most reputable sneakerheads wearing nothing but Air Maxes for the past few days, and even some of the larger, more well-known boutiques — mainly size? and Kith — have added to the holiday, shooting videos and dropping casted versions of sneakers around New York City.

I don’t own that many Air Max sneakers. It’s probably somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20 well-worn pairs. In the grander scheme of sneaker collectors, though, I don’t have a problem associating my self with those who love any runner that has visible Air on it. If it weren’t for Air Max 1s, 93s, 180s, 90s, and 95s, I probably wouldn’t have the job. They’re what made me catch the sneaker bug and never get rid of it.

So when Nike declared March 26, 2014, the inaugural Air Max Day, a celebration of the initial release of the Air Max 1 in 1987, I was supposed to be ecstatic, right? Well, I really wasn’t. I wore my white/red Air Max 1s to work that day and even took a sneaker circle photo with a few co-workers. But it seemed contrived. It was the 17th year since the Air Max 1 first came out. It wasn’t even a milestone. The day came and went, and the biggest takeaway from the „holiday“ was a pair of white/red Air Max 1s with a Volt midsole. I didn’t get pair and had nothing to remember the day from.

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